$ 10 Dollar Non-Exclusive Beats For Lease

Lease your instrumental/beat today from Smiley Records LLC for only $10 per instrumental/beat.


You are allowed to make as much as you want with the instrumental/beat but you are not allowed to monetize the beat. You are allowed to use

instrumental/beat for TV Shows, Documentaries, Movies as long as you give credit to Smiley Records LLC.


The original beat/instrumental is owned by and is the property of Smiley Records LLC and owners within the Smiley Records LLC Company. If you wish to purchase the instrumental/beat Exclusive Rights.

Please email us at SmileyRecordsllc@gmail.com



By Downloading the instrumental/beat you agree to the terms and contract. Once you download the track. Please allow a few days for the lease agreement to be sent to your email. 

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Beats Produced By G-Band